Welcome to CISE Maroc

Le Cluster Industriel pour les Services Environnementaux – Maroc (CISE-Maroc) is a concentration of cutting edge and environmentally conscious corporations, working together with public, higher education and research institutions, to support the greening of environmentally unfriendly industrial sectors, and guide investment into the green ventures.

Meet the Team

Executive Committee

Said El Arja


President of the ong, Mr said El Arja represents the company Ynna steel.

Hind Baddag


Vice president of the ong, Ms. Hind Baddag represents the company LafargeHolcim

Nissrine Bouchefaa


Treasurer of the ong, Nisrine Bouchefaa represents the company Pizzorno

Animation team

<h3 align="center">Selma Elouardighi</h3>

Selma Elouardighi

Founder & General Director

Dr. Selma Elouardighi is the founder and director general of the Cluster Industriel pour les Services Environnementaux (CISE) – Maroc (the Industrial Cluster for Environmental Services – Morocco). Dr. Elouardighi is also a global faculty member and an international fellow of Virginia Tech’s Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability (CLiGS). Dr. Elouardighi earned a doctorate in Globalization and Governance from Virginia Tech’ School of Public and International Affairs. Her research focuses on Environmental Governance and Corporate Environmental Responsibility in developing countries within the global context.

Born and raised in Morocco, Ms. Elouardighi has lived in the United States for 16 years. She has a deep understanding of both eastern and western cultures, and views herself as an ambassador for both.

Selma Elouardighi earned a Bachelors of Arts in Economics and a Masters of Earth and Environmental Resources Management, both from the University of South Carolina.

Tripartite Strategy

Our strategic plan to enhance the growth of the environmental services sector

Green economic development in Morocco requires a concerted effort from research and educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, and the business community to bring about an environmentally conscious economic development model, thus enhancing governmental efforts in promoting sustainability.


Through networking and enabling partnerships between member companies, CISE-Maroc strives to prompt and catalyze joint problem solving and environmentally minded collaborative project.


An important role for CISE-Maroc is to help populate the sparse industrial sector of environmental services. CISE does that by identifying existing industry’s needs in terms of environmental services, and incubating start-ups aiming to fulfill those needs. CISE-Maroc also sees itself as a bridge between academia and the world of business as it strives to support the transformation of academic research into marketable products.


CISE-Maroc’s strives to enable collaboration, co-creation, learning and the exchange of higher value and tacit information. It also aims to create an adequate environment for promoting creativity, research, and joint problem solving. Through its educational members and partners, CISE-Maroc endeavors to bring together scholars/researchers from various disciplines to work alongside existing industries to identify a roadmap to cleaner production.